As you lace up your hiking boots, check out the best vegan snacks to fuel your next adventure!

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Best Hiking Snacks

There are an array of delicious options that are perfect for your next hiking or backpacking trip. Some great plant-based options include:

Fillo's Walking  Tamales

You'll love these ready-to-eat tamales! They come in both savory and sweet varieties like Bean Salsa Verde and Peanut Butter Piloncillo!

Muir Energy Gel

With both quick and slow-burning options, you're bound to find one that works for you. Try the Blueberry Bergamot or Cacao Almond Mate.

GFB Bites

The snack formerly known as the Gluten Free Bar now goes by the Gluten Free Brothers. Take our advice & stash a few of these sweet bites in your bag for a fun trail treat

The Ugly Co.   Upcycled Fruit

Hooray for zero-waste snacks! The folks at The Ugly Co. take "ugly" but perfectly edible fruit and upcycle them into dried fruit.


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White Line



the best gf + vegan biscuits

2-INGREDIENT ganache

oat milk cold brew